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    lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2016

    Federico Seven - Bouncy Party Compilation [iTunes AAC M4A] (2015) #Jasberd

    Genres: House, Music, Dance 
    Released: Dec 22, 2015



    1. Summer Breeze (Tauro Mix)
    2. Ladies Nite (feat. Lion D) [Federico Seven Remix]
    3. Shake That Ass
    4. You (feat. Karym) [Stephan F Remix]
    5. Never Seen the Day (feat. Nathan Brumley) [Extended Mix]
    6. Paradise (feat. Zaudra)
    7. I Just Wanna (feat. William Tag) [Tauro Mix]
    8. Let Me Go (feat. Cinta)
    10. Happy People
    11. Fly With Me (feat. Daniele Meo) [Tauro Mix]
    12. Give It All (feat. Leo Samuele) [Flip's Bouncy Club Remix]
    13. Apollo
    14. Sax
    16. Stronger (feat. Adina) [Extended Mix]
    17. Do It Again
    18. The Path to the Dream
    19. Pyramid
    20. Bouncy Party Compilation (Continuous DJ Mix)

    Download: Google Drive

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